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Best. Save. Ever.

I was doing an intro activity for my yr 10 (prac) unit 'Vampires on screen' and had written the letters A-Z with blank spaces next to them, the plan being that we do a group brainstorm and see if we can come up with an A-Z of vampire tropes and conventions as a fun intro. Because of the way I had written the letters (left to right columns) I had managed to accidentally skip a few letters.

Students: miss! you missed a couple of letters, you missed u and v!
Me: no no, you can't have uv in a vampire a-z, vampires are destroyed by sunlight

All in all it was a pretty fun lesson, the yr 12s lesson on mise en scene went pretty well too. I am really enjoying my teaching prac, despite some of the personal health struggles I am having atm, which is great and it makes me feel like I made the right choice to do the dip ed.

Have been really really busy on account of all the study and family stuff and haven't been reading LJ or FB or anything else, so if you have news you want me to know about make sure you email me or even send me a link to your post in an email :)