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on the not killing of things

I am really not into killing things. I am a vegeterian, (pretty much, vegan though I sometimes make exceptions for various reasons), I don't kill bugs or spiders, I even took a break mid scentence just now to go and hand feed a possum*.

And still, I don't think I will ever be likely to take a vow of not killing. As passionately as I value life I do believe that euthanasia is a valid option for both people and animals in some circumstances, I belive that humane killing of feral animals is preferable to allowing the mass killing of native and domestic animals though inaction, and I think the risk of road kill is so high that it would be disingenuous of me to take such a vow and keep driving a car**. Oh, and I definitly think abortion is a valid option if the descision to do so is made by the pregnant individual. I am not even completely ethically opposed to the death penalty in a hypothetical way--though for practical purposes I am unilaterally opposed to it as I think the chances of 'getting it wrong' or of it being used politically or for fear and hate purposes are far too high to ever allow it.

This thinky post was bought to you by the fact that I just found a cane toad bathing in the chickens' drinking water, and thus answering the puzzle of why they have all started getting sick and dying. I have seen a lot of cane toads around here lately, they seemed to be disapearing over the last few years, but are now having a comeback. I haven't taken any action yet (appart from being extra vigilant about cleaning out the animals drinking water) but I will have to make a choice to either kill them or let them be. And as our existence is in constant motion there are just as many consequenses to our inaction as there are to our actions.

*okay, I'm not that snow-whitey, I actually took the break to go outside and wipe something off my foot. but while I was there I interupted a possum so I figured I might as well feed it.

**though I would consider giving up driving at some stage later in life.
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contentment regarding clothes

I am currently reading the Dalai Lama's 'How to Practice' and I just came across this passage:

"With regards to clothing monks and nuns are limitted to one set of robes... This limmitation in dress is the practice of contentment regarding clothes. Lay people can adopt a similar practice through moderation in dress. The same is true for adornments. Wearing more than one ring on each finger is certainly too much! It is a mistake to think that it is really worthwhile to spend more on food, clothing and adornments just because you have more money. Rather, spend more on health and education for poor people. This is not forced socialism but voluntary compassion."

Wow, this has really blown my melon. On the surface it is obvious, but it certainly is not the way I currently live my life. I wouldn't cut down to just one set of clothes, that would be impractical in my current circumstances, but could I cut down to 'sufficient'? The concept fills me with fear and excitement so I know it is worth exploring further, but I also know it would be counter productive to now get obsessed with culling down to 'the perfect practical wardrobe'. The idea is to simplify in order to make more room and resources for the things that really count. And then two pages later he writes "a gradual approach is better than trying to jump too high too soon..." so I am going to hold off on casting aside all my earthly possessions just yet. But wow, I sure am excited by the idea!
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Potential Briscon 1 Dates

29th and the 30th of September 2012. The reason for this is that there is a new public holiday in qld on the first monday in october from this year on and I intend to bags it for briscon. Any thoughts, queries or objections? speak now or forever hold your peace :)
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Best. Save. Ever.

I was doing an intro activity for my yr 10 (prac) unit 'Vampires on screen' and had written the letters A-Z with blank spaces next to them, the plan being that we do a group brainstorm and see if we can come up with an A-Z of vampire tropes and conventions as a fun intro. Because of the way I had written the letters (left to right columns) I had managed to accidentally skip a few letters.

Students: miss! you missed a couple of letters, you missed u and v!
Me: no no, you can't have uv in a vampire a-z, vampires are destroyed by sunlight

All in all it was a pretty fun lesson, the yr 12s lesson on mise en scene went pretty well too. I am really enjoying my teaching prac, despite some of the personal health struggles I am having atm, which is great and it makes me feel like I made the right choice to do the dip ed.

Have been really really busy on account of all the study and family stuff and haven't been reading LJ or FB or anything else, so if you have news you want me to know about make sure you email me or even send me a link to your post in an email :) 
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a nice exchange

at the supermarket check out down the hill from uni the cashier asked me if I was having a nice day

me: yeah actually, I have to do an animation for an assignment and it has to be about something I am passionate about, so I have just been making a list of things I am passionate about, which is great.

cashier: oh, I am making one about the pogo police at the moment!

me: about police on pogo sticks or people that enforce pogo rules?

cashier: I do lego animation and my friend and I were talking about bicycle police and we thought they would be better on pogo sticks, so I am doing an animation about it

me: cool!


also, on the way back up the hill I saw a grass tree in flower. it seemed a rare and beautiful occurrence :)
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Australian Film History Game

This is what I am going to give my yr 11s tomorrow. I thought I would put it up here in case anyone wanted to play. I will be printing these film titles and events on large bits of paper and getting them to arrange them on the white board (with the aid of bluetac) in the order they think the were released/occurred.

The use of google, wikipedia or anyother search technology is prohibited, and if I catch you using anything cheaty I will confiscate your computer/pad/phone/thingy.

Film titles are in Goodluck!

  • Crocodile Dundee;
  • The Overlanders;
  • Australian Film and Television School is created by the Whitlam government;
  • Jedda;
  • They're a Weird Mob;
  • The Great Depression begins;
  • Soldiers of the Cross;
  • The Sentimental Bloke;
  • Wolf Creek;
  • Generous tax incentives for film investment cause a large increase in Aust film production;
  • For the Term of His Natural Life;
  • First Hollywood studio distribution office opens in Australia; Our Selection; Mad Max;
  • Muriel's Wedding;
  • Television becomes available to Australian households;
  • Picnic at Hanging Rock;
  • Moulin Rouge;
  • The largest number of Australian films ever made in 1 year;
  • Lantana;
  • First feature film ever produced;
  • World War II begins;
  • The Story of the Kelly Gang;
  • No films made in this year by the previously booming Australian industry, or for 4 more years after;
  • The Adventures of Barry McKenzie;
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the exciting news that precedes the not so great news of the last post

we bought a house! it is awesome and I love it! it is a high-set weather board number, with lots of trees (ha ha ha) and lots of big rooms and big open spaces and big big windows in the living area. it is a real fixeruppera, but this suits us just fine, as I really quite enjoy that sort of thing and it meant that we were able to buy within our budget in a location suitable to us.

buying the property was really tough going, (mostly because of the aforementioned limited budget) for about a month there is was like I had a full time high pressure job just getting things ready, negotiating price, obtaining finance, signing things and general organisation.

I learned something unexpected through this process, I already believed in my ability to make something like this happen against the odds, but what I didn't realise was how much love and trust I am surrounded by. I called on friends and family to help me in ways that were by every interpretation above and beyond the call of duty, being fully okay with the possibility of a negative response, but in every instance my loved ones came through for me with full unwaivering support and total trust and generosity. I had to pause and cry several times, thinking that if I could write a letter to my teenage self I would want to let her know--no matter how alone and isolated you might feel at times, in the future you will know such love and support that it will blow your mind and fill your heart til it nearly bursts.

also, did I mention that the house is just awesome?

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when it rains it pours

 then it floods. then it storms. then a tree falls on your house.

we are all fine, only minor damage to the house--it hit a corner and knocked off some guttering and did a small amount of roof damage. the house is still intact, we are insured, and all the massive windows are fine, yay! pretty bad timing though...
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Writer's Block: Nom nom nom

What's your favorite snack for a rainy afternoon?

Are you shitting me lj? insensitive much?

Around here it appears peoples favourite snacks are: meat; veggies; bread; uht milk; baked beans; and bottled water. Oh, and toilet paper.  Even in my relatively dry suburb people have been panic shopping and many of the shelves on the local supermarket are bare. I guess people are preparing for the more subtle second wave effects of the soggy apocalypse, e.g. loss of power and difficulty of goods distribution. I have been told by a survivalist friend that our city's supermarkets only have enough standby stock to feed our communities for 3 days.

Interestingly, apart from the mass purchasing of baked beans and ready made canned meals, there seemed to be ample supplies of tinned legumes (i.e. lentils, kidney beans etc) and other tinned veggies--the very things I think will be the most useful if people become isolated without power. It looks like as a gluten free vegan I win at panic shopping :)