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on the not killing of things

I am really not into killing things. I am a vegeterian, (pretty much, vegan though I sometimes make exceptions for various reasons), I don't kill bugs or spiders, I even took a break mid scentence just now to go and hand feed a possum*.

And still, I don't think I will ever be likely to take a vow of not killing. As passionately as I value life I do believe that euthanasia is a valid option for both people and animals in some circumstances, I belive that humane killing of feral animals is preferable to allowing the mass killing of native and domestic animals though inaction, and I think the risk of road kill is so high that it would be disingenuous of me to take such a vow and keep driving a car**. Oh, and I definitly think abortion is a valid option if the descision to do so is made by the pregnant individual. I am not even completely ethically opposed to the death penalty in a hypothetical way--though for practical purposes I am unilaterally opposed to it as I think the chances of 'getting it wrong' or of it being used politically or for fear and hate purposes are far too high to ever allow it.

This thinky post was bought to you by the fact that I just found a cane toad bathing in the chickens' drinking water, and thus answering the puzzle of why they have all started getting sick and dying. I have seen a lot of cane toads around here lately, they seemed to be disapearing over the last few years, but are now having a comeback. I haven't taken any action yet (appart from being extra vigilant about cleaning out the animals drinking water) but I will have to make a choice to either kill them or let them be. And as our existence is in constant motion there are just as many consequenses to our inaction as there are to our actions.

*okay, I'm not that snow-whitey, I actually took the break to go outside and wipe something off my foot. but while I was there I interupted a possum so I figured I might as well feed it.

**though I would consider giving up driving at some stage later in life.


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Jan. 21st, 2013 07:37 am (UTC)
Just remember, cane toads are a noxious feral animal. Nothing in the Australian ecosystem preys on it. They do nothing but damage. . I think if you find any you should kill them, I gather the humane way to do it is to pop them in a bag in the freezer.
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